We’ve trained thousands … millions maybe, of movement teachers, fitness instructor, yogi’s, dance teachers, and even yes somatic trauma practitioners who are actually not embodied, and hence we have a lot of students, new teachers, and practitioners who have never been taught by a fully embodied teacher. …

Overriding means going past that internal gauge inside of you that is saying take a break, pause, recharge. Do you do this?

For many of us, we don’t even know how to listen to this internal compass because we’ve been living in survival physiology from our conception (and maybe even before that via our ancestors).

Quite the doozy. I know.

This is the plight of our agricultural, industrial, and now technological revolutions — but WE can change it. Doesn’t mean getting rid of what has already occurred, but more learning from our past in a way that makes the future BETTER. It takes awareness, education, and practice.

Learn more about Irene Lyon and her work here: www.irenelyon.com

Do I have your attention?

Know that this isn’t about me posing for a picture on a river with yellow pants, good air, and fabulous evening light.

This post is about humanity’s survival and evolution.

The world is hurting. Our natural environment is hurting. But the problem is this: nature isn’t something separate from us…

Irene Lyon

Nervous System Expert & Somatic Practitioner. Somatic Experiencing, Feldenkrais, Biomedical Science. More @ www.irenelyon.com

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